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Anonymous asked: Hi elsie! If you would have another tumblr url other than your name, what would you think it will be? Just curious :) PS. I'm your fan, both author blog and personal blog :)

Hi there! Hmm, I don’t know, probably a quote from a book or movie that I love. It depends on if it’s a secret tumblr or not, lol. Thanks for the blog love, btw!

"That leaf is the most beautiful."


"Today, bbq with sensei and Take-nii! Really raised me up! #teacherandpupil

Anonymous asked: hi elsie. where and when Taka met Tyler?

Hello! They met during the Vans Warped Tour this past summer.

Anonymous asked: I was just wondering, how popular would you say OOR is in Japan? Like, it seems like they have a pretty decent sized international fanbase, but as a person living in Japan, what would you say about their popularity?

Hi there! If I didn’t know who they were at all and saw how MLF was being marketed, I would assume they were a big/popular band. They get a lot of push here, like all big bands at release time. And they sold out YS, so that’s indicative of their popularity in Japan. Ages of OOR fans here also vary way more widely than what I’ve seen of their int’l fan base. But there are SO many rock bands here, it’s kind of overwhelming, and there are lives going on ALL the time, everywhere. In short, I’d say OOR is definitely a popular rock band, but there are tons of others equally as popular. 

the very definition of why they’re the best band in the world ^w^

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To the new age

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"Good morning."

If I can touch your heart
I can tell how you feel
名も無き人 僕以外は
They’re all the same looking like dolls

If I can touch your heart

I can tell how you feel

I’ve got the feeling that everything’s being manufactured

people without even names, except for me

they’re all looking like dolls

Living Dolls - One Ok Rock [X]

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"I will return without fail.”

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The lovely Estinal has generously shared and translated some of the important parts in Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends to HYRK. ^^x Some scenes didn’t make it to the movie but were included in the official live action movie novelization. Thank you so much, Estinal! We’re excited for the next installments (that is, if you’re still up for it!)

We got a major feels attack after reading the first translated scene thus, the corresponding photoset. Please don’t repost these translations to other websites without permission and proper credit. Spoilers under the cut. Enjoy! ^^x

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