canadian YA author living in tokyo, japan. DUALED (2013) & DIVIDED (2014), random house children's books.

tumblr contents approximately 99% ONE OK ROCK. also rurouni kenshin, takeru sato, ghibli, food.

for book news and writing-related posts, you can also find me at my author tumblr:

To celebrate my one year anniversary here on tumblr, I’m running TWO Dualed & ONE OK ROCK giveaways! You can enter both, the other one is on my author site! Anyway, I’ve had such an awesome time here, discovering this amazing band and meeting some incredible people over the last year. This is just my way of saying THANKS!ย 

  • There will be one winner for each giveaway, I’ll ship anywhere. Runs until Sept 21st, 2013, noon PST.
  • Prize pkg includes a signed hardcover of my book, Dualed, and some bookmarks and stickers.
  • Brand new OOR rain jacket, sz M, ordered from Asmart.
  • Musica mag, OOR cover issue, Sept 2013.
  • Follower bonus! I love all you guys for putting up with my OOR spamming, so if you were a follower of this tumblr AS OF the announcement of this giveaway, you’ll also receive a copy of Rolling Stone, Aug 2013, which has an OOR feature. ***To clarify, you don’t have to be following me to enter, but if you were already a follower BEFORE this giveaway, then you get the bonus. Sorry if that was confusing! I need my editor.
  • One reblog equals one entry, enter as many times as you like, but pls don’t spam your followers.ย 
  • No giveaway/inactive/solely created for this giveaway/primarily reposter blogs. Also, you can’t delete this text from your reblogs.
  • Winner will be picked with, ask box must be open, and winner must get back to me within 48 hours.

I think that’s it! I’m sure I’m forgetting something. If so, I’ll just edit this post, so check back or ask me if you have any questions. Good luck!

Tumblr glitch won’t let me see more than 30 notes at a time, so this giveaway is no longer active. For the new giveaway, click HERE and HERE! REALLY SORRY, YOU GUYS!

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